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Welcome to "This GRL can" interview Series

Social tea is a social networking community for women with the goal to WIN TOGETHER! With that being said, I started to think, how can someone in New York network with someone in Houston?

We decided in 2020, we need to be intentional. So we have decided to curate this blog to push people to meet women they wouldn't have otherwise met.

Here's how it works:

Step one: A woman fill out the application and provides information on their brand/business or blog.

Step two: We feature them on this blog.

Step three: You network with them virtually, via social media, their website, or email.

Step four: We will be curating online meet ups :) . Don't you just love technology.

Step five: You can apply or nominate someone by filling this form out here: GET FEATURED

We will also be doing some video interviews for YOUTUBE!

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