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Jazzlin Raquel CAN manage your image


Here's her instagram, @styledbyraq

First of all , I know Raq because she is one of the authors in a book I published called Story for the gods book, and when I tell you her chapter commands attention . In her very words, "Baybeee". Second of all, y'all can purchase the book today here BUY BOOK NOW !

Current location: Houston,Texas

Target audience: My target audience is both male and female's between the ages of 19-30 (age varies from time to time) who are in the idustry looking for image branding whether it be in music, photography, marketing, fashion etc.

Networking wishlist:

1. Musicians

2. Producers

3. Filmmakers

4. Photographers

5. Make-up artists

6. Fashion Designers

7. Entrepreneurs

or if you do all 7 lol

If this fits your description she's BUBBLING to network with you :)

Raq, according to Raq:

"I'm Jazzlin Raquel with extensive knowledge in digital and professional communcation. I specialize in entertainment image branding and live by the human eye only gives you 10 seconds to make your first impression so allow your appearance to speak at all times! "

What is the most challenging thing about having a brand/being an entrepreneur/ influencer/blogger?