Jazzlin Raquel CAN manage your image


Here's her instagram, @styledbyraq

First of all , I know Raq because she is one of the authors in a book I published called Story for the gods book, and when I tell you her chapter commands attention . In her very words, "Baybeee". Second of all, y'all can purchase the book today here BUY BOOK NOW !

Current location: Houston,Texas

Target audience: My target audience is both male and female's between the ages of 19-30 (age varies from time to time) who are in the idustry looking for image branding whether it be in music, photography, marketing, fashion etc.

Networking wishlist:

1. Musicians

2. Producers

3. Filmmakers

4. Photographers

5. Make-up artists

6. Fashion Designers

7. Entrepreneurs

or if you do all 7 lol

If this fits your description she's BUBBLING to network with you :)

Raq, according to Raq:

"I'm Jazzlin Raquel with extensive knowledge in digital and professional communcation. I specialize in entertainment image branding and live by the human eye only gives you 10 seconds to make your first impression so allow your appearance to speak at all times! "

What is the most challenging thing about having a brand/being an entrepreneur/ influencer/blogger?

"The most challenging thing is being your own everything as a business owner. Your own secertary, your own accountant, your own everything! Even on the days when you cant afford to take a break you have to be your own motivator just to keep it pushing.Also, remembering that the vision God placed in your heart was for YOU and other folks around you may not understand but its only for you to understand why you're working so hard. Another challenging thing is failing, we all are going to fail but don't give up. You have to have the understaning that it is ok to fail just get back up and start over and know that everything have a lesson in it whether it's good or bad."

-PRO TIP from Olori - There will come a time in your entrepreunrship carreer where you will have to hire people to be as efficient as possible. John Maxwell said it best, "I could run my company from TOP to Bottom , but would I be the beneficial to my customers if I did that?" As an entrepreneur , you really have to be comfortable with losing, so that you can gain more control. Losing could be power, time, or even MONEY. (Preaching to the choir)

What is one rule of thumb that you live by daily!

"Pray and be still. Because first, everything can be done for a believer and second God timing is always perfect! "

When was a time you almost quit your dream?

"uh RIGHT NOW TAHDay! lol But honestly this year was rough I had the enemy try and distract me and plant seeds that I'm not worthy enough of fulling my God given purpose"