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Juliana O CAN slay your braids


Here's her instagram, @Elior.braider

First of all , Elior is like my big sister , she's been a GRL BOSS for a while. Second of all she's a mom of a girl and boy and a wife. She's also a BSN (Nurse!)

Current location: Houston,Texas

Target audience: My target is Everyone that loves to feel beautiful.

Networking wishlist:

1. Everyone that knows how to grow a business.

That's simple enough!

If this fits your description she's BUBBLING to network with you :)

Elior, according to Elior:

"I love Everything beautiful "

What is the most challenging thing about having a brand/being an entrepreneur/ influencer/blogger?

"Expanding on Social media "

-PRO TIP from Olori - We all are trying to get there! My best tip is continue to be consistent and if you do not already , use your business page to engage with your potential clients and followers! Start liking and commenting. You should also create engaging post. Every post should make your followers ask or answer a question.

What is one rule of thumb that you live by daily!

"Be yourself and they will love you."

When was a time you almost quit your dream?

"When I started my business and most of my friends werent very supportive. Instead they Gossip about it behind my back."

#JustSaying from Olori 👀: Well, the good news is, your friends aren't even your target market. So, thank you ,NEXT! Truth is this is very common , but it's not on you if someone wants to hold onto the OLD Version of you!

What would you tell your 16 year old self?

"Love yourself More. "

What are some tools that you use to help you in your business ?

"Instagram, Promotion , Constantly doing research."

What is your need ,in business?

"Business expansion , Exposure , Marketing "

#JustSaying from Olori 👀: Anyone interested in collaborating?

Where can find your products or services?

On IG @elior.braider

If you contacted Elior for anything leave a comment below!

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