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Trang Thuy Le CAN break out of shyness!


Here's her instagram, @le_.atelier

First of all , This Headshot is F I E R C E!

Current location: HOUSTON, TX

Target audience: Anyone looking to find their brand's voice and image.

Networking wishlist:


Trang , according to Trang:

"A creative alchemist, a designer, a writer, and dreamer. Someone who can draw out a brand or business's soul and make it visual."

What is the most challenging thing about having a brand/being an entrepreneur/ influencer/blogger?

"It's hard to network when you're shy! I tend to be a pushover and mark down my work, but I want to claim 2020 and be successful."

-PRO TIP from Olori - Ok so let's talk about the SHY MYTH. A lot of people think they cannot be successful shy but the funny thing is , some of the most successful people are Shy. The goal to success is to find your lane and dominate. For someone who feels shy a networking event may be overwhelming, but joining a Facebook group may do the trick!

What is one rule of thumb that you live by daily!

"Keep moving forward. "

When was a time you almost quit your dream?

"Late 2019. I quit a job that made me unhappy, and am still receiving job rejections."

#JustSaying from Olori 👀: Literally the scariest thing that can happen is to feel insecure in your abilities. Second to that, is not feeling secure financially. So I am proud of you for stepping outside the box. BRAVO! 2020 is going to be a year of clarity of your goals!

What would you tell your 16 year old self?

"Stop being a shit head, and keep moving forward."

What are some tools that you use to help you in your business ?

"The Adobe Creative Suite, and the classic paper and pencil!"

What is your need , in business?

"Business exposure "

#JustSaying from Olori 👀:

Where can find your products or services? (New site in the works)

If you contacted Trang, for anything leave a comment below!

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