Rae Elizabeth CAN set your vibe

LADIES, SAY HEY Rae Elizabeth!

Here's her instagram, @RaeElizabeth

First of all , This Headshot is dreamy!

Current location: Lafayette, LA

Target audience: Women , black women, 24-35, millennials , dancers, creator ,and expressers.

Networking wishlist:

1. An audience that has not heard of me yet.

Rae Elizabeth, according to Rae Elizabeth:

"I am an outgoing woman, an innovator, a world changer, dreamer, a doer, I believe in new life, growth, forwardness, evolution. "

What is the most challenging thing about having a brand/being an entrepreneur/ influencer/blogger?

"Reaching people successfully and consistently"

-PRO TIP from Olori - Reaching people may not be the hard part, for me consistency is more valuable then anything. The problem with us as entrepreneurs, is we get defeated by No's instead of using it as an adrenaline rush. Use your no's to your advantage.

What is one rule of thumb that you live by daily!

"Everything happens for a reason ! "