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Jessica Norwooso CAN set your vibe

LADIES, SAY HEY Melodic Glow Candle Co!

Here's her instagram, @Melodicglowcandleco

First of all , This Headshot is dreamy!

Current location: Dallas, TX

Target audience: Everyday women between the ages of 25-44

Networking wishlist:

1. Boutique owners

Do you or someone you know own a boutique?

Melodic Glow Candle Co, according to Melodic Glow Candle Co:

"I am an African American business woman. Inspired and hoping to inspire others to dream big, and always go after what your heart desires. My candle company brand motto is to vibe and glow. Our candles are all musically inspired. Allowing you to set your vibe, while our scents give an inspired glow."

What is the most challenging thing about having a brand/being an entrepreneur/ influencer/blogger?

"Staying encouraged when your vision is not unfolding as you envisioned it. A lot of times we think your business is suppose to take off immediately. So staying encouraged and true to your vision is important when you are facing challenges is important."

-PRO TIP from Olori - YES, this is so important , success looks different for everyone. The process is always the same but time frame is not always the time frame WE have in mind! It's more amazing to start and fail and try it a new way then to never try!

What is one rule of thumb that you live by daily!

"Blessed is she who believes "

When was a time you almost quit your dream?

"I started my candle business July 2019. I almost gave up and became so discouraged with my lack of sales in October 2019. I was ready to shut my whole operation down. Luckily I have family and friends who reminded me of my vision. They also reminded me that nothing happens overnight. You stay the course, and work hard it will happen when it’s time."

#JustSaying from Olori 👀: This is so transparent in real! Business is fun when you're making money but when you aren't making money you start questioning yourself. Entrepreneurship is hard! The most important thing is to keep your eyes on your purpose. Every time you want to quit remind yourself of your why!

What would you tell your 16 year old self?

"Trust yourself ."

What are some tools that you use to help you in your business ?

"Social media apps, social media marketing, and attending conferences for business owners."

What is your need , in business?

"Business exposure and marketing "

#JustSaying from Olori 👀: Social Tea is having a GRL PWR Tour in September 2020 ! We will be creating a vending + Networking experience in NYC, ATL,LA,DMV and Houston,TX. If you are interested you can fill out the form here ----> APPLY TODAY ! The cool thing about this tour is your information will be seen throughout the whole tour, not just your city!

Check out a clip from last years GRL PWR BELOW !!!

Where can find your products or services?

If you contacted Melodic Glow Candle Co, for anything leave a comment below!

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