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Gerallynn Wesley CAN Connect NOLA housewives


Here's her instagram, @nolahousewives

First of all I love her instagram handle, its very intriguing and makes me want to know more! Second of all, she's popping our interview cherry! THANK YOU !!!!!

Current location: New Orleans , Louisiana

Target audience: Working women of ALL AGES, so as long as you have a JOB, read this!

Networking wishlist:

1. Macro influencers (Macro-influencers are characterized as having a large number of followers (at least over 100,000)

2. Female Presidents and Vice Presidents of large companies

If this fits your description she's BUBBLING to network with you :)

Lynn, according to Lynn:

"Hard working and ambitions woman who is talented and persistent on goals for bringing women together who have similar passions."

What is the most challenging thing about having a brand/being an entrepreneur/ influencer/blogger?

"Consistency with content "

-PRO TIP from Olori - Consistency derives from drive and actionable plans, people who struggle with consistency also procrastinate (Preaching to the Chior here!). To over come lack of consistency, I recommend creating a content calendar or organizer apps, there are free options and paid options. The benefit of having the paid option is they can post for you!

Content organizer apps:

* These are my top 3, but 🤷🏾‍♀️ I do not use any because I am lazy, the point is, if I wasn't lazy I would use one of these three!

What is one rule of thumb that you live by daily!

"You may get 100 no's and 1 yes, just focus on the yes! "

What would you tell your 16 year old self?

"Hold steady to your passions and put them as careers because that will be your focus for the upcoming years in life. "

What is your need , in business?

"Marketing "

#JustSaying from Olori 👀: Any marketing guru's? HIT HER UP!

Well,This was fun!

If you contacted Lynn for anything leave a comment below!

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