5 Reasons you should go to the Vision Board Pajama Party

1. You will make lifelong connections with Women who also want you to win!

During our Vision Board Pajama party, you will meet women in your city that you may or may not have known. The good news is, every woman who comes , has a common goal to win together. This is great because you are able to be inspired by women who live in close vicinity with you. Even after the VBPP, we have seen people starting businesses with women they met that night. We have seen a woman buying her first home from a woman she met that night. We have also seen women create just simple lifelong friendships. You deserve a Girl group!


Your ticket includes unlimited Dinner and Breakfast and snacks all night and in the morning. We even provide deserts. We know in January we will be good but until then enjoy cookies, cupcakes and more.

3. Meet and Connect with Speakers you can relate to!

Theres nothing worse then hearing a thought provoking talk by your favorite speaker , but you aren't able to actually connect and talk more. Here at the VBPP you are able to really have one on one time with any speaker that you like. You can build relationships with these women. We always promote connecting with the women who will help you grow.

4. We do not just make Cute vision Boards we make actionable plans.

Before placing pictures on a board, we talk about our plans and help you work through your plan with timelines. We make vision board a fool proof way for you to succeed. in 2019 most everyone who came to the VBPP completed EVERYTHING on their vision board before MAY 2019. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.Starting your year with Vision is more important than you may think. Vision not written down is only a dream. 2020 is going to be a year of overcoming obstacles. To make sure you set yourself apart, you should come.